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I have been a qualified nurse for the past 32 years. The last 14 years have been spent working as a specialist nurse in Pain Management. 
As a clinical nurse specialist in Pain Management I have been able to work closely with patients to enable them to understand their pain and to find appropriate ways to manage pain effectively. Pain management involves looking at the whole person, taking into account the wider ways in which chronic pain can affect a person’s life, work and relationships. 
I have facilitated pain management programmes for patients with chronic pain for the past 12 years. 
The courses cover such topics as pacing, sleep hygiene, mindfulness, stretching and strengthening exercise and the most important topic of all a clear explanation of pain. With a clear understanding of pain, its actions and a personal management plan I have been able to see patients use this knowledge to improve their pain management skills and to improve their quality of life in the long term. 
I have extensive experience and knowledge in providing acupuncture therapy to patients with a wide range of conditions and have been able to see first-hand how it can ease pain and help to improve movement and function. 
My acupuncture training was with the British Medical Acupuncture society, (BMAS) who specialise in providing acupuncture training for registered health professionals. I am a registered practitioner with the BMAS and also fully insured with their allied insurance company Balens. 
1st session 45 minutes: £35 
Follow up sessions: £30 
Cash, cheque payments or bank transfer only 
I was very sceptical but despite my reservations, the acupuncture was effective and resolved the discomfort in my knee and ankle. Helen is a knowledgable practitioner and puts people at ease. A professional service from a very nice lady. 
J Blanchard 
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