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Can there be any complications or risks to acupuncture treatment? 
The risks associated with acupuncture are very few and minor. Acupuncture can often cause tiredness. This is a very natural tiredness and is short lived. 
Other possible side effects are: 
Bruising - your individual risk of this will be discussed at your consultation. 
Dizziness - this can occur if you get up too quickly after your acupuncture. Take your time getting off the bed and only stand when you feel safe to do so. 
Nausea - this can occur if you have not eaten normally prior to your appointment, I would always advise to have something light to eat prior to acupuncture. 
Allergy - The needles I use are hypoallergenic needles with a silicone coating so allergic reaction is very rare. 
Infection - I follow a very strict infection control protocol which reduces the risk of infection. All needles are sterile single use only needles. 
Temporary increase in pain - sometimes the acupuncture can increase pain, this is actually a positive response and can mean that we are working in the correct area to reduce the pain. If this becomes a problem please let me know. 
Pneumothorax (punctured lung) - this is a very rare possibility with acupuncture but can occur if you are having acupuncture in the chest area. If you develop chest pain within 48 hours of acupuncture you must seek medical help immediately. 
How do I prepare for acupuncture? 
There is no specific preparation needed for acupuncture, wear something light and loose fitting, eat and drink normally before the session. 
Can I have acupuncture if I am unwell / have an infection? 
I would strongly advise that you do not have acupuncture if you are unwell or have an infection. Please also let me know if there has been any change to your medication or you have been diagnosed with a new medical condition since your last appointment. 
What happens at my first appointment? 
The initial consultation involves taking a medical history and discussing any concerns you may have before trying the acupuncture therapy. You will be asked to undress, if necessary, to allow access to the affected area. You will be made comfortable according to your individual needs and the treatment itself takes approximately 20 minutes. Acupuncture is a relaxing treatment and is often described as an enjoyable experience. 
I would advise not to drink alcohol after the session and only to drive if not affected by the acupuncture. The cost for the first 60 minute session is £35. Subsequent 45minute follow-up sessions are £32.50. 
How many sessions will I need to feel effect? 
Some people feel effect on their first session, however this effect may be short lived. This will improve with each session. Most people state they feel a gradual improvement over several weeks. 
Some people gain no benefit from acupuncture. 
I would recommend a course of weekly acupuncture initially for 4-6 weeks. You may then only need top up sessions every 4-6 weeks to maintain effect. 
Does it hurt? 
The needles are very fine, much finer than needles used to take blood or to give injection so discomfort is minimal. When the needles are in place you may feel a warm tingling sensation. 
Most people find the acupuncture a relaxing pleasant experience. 
Is there anyone who cannot have acupuncture? 
Acupuncture is contraindicated in some medical conditions such as uncontrolled epilepsy. Your medical history will be taken at your initial appointment and if you are not suitable or are at risk of possible effects such as bruising this will be taken into consideration and you will be advised accordingly. Acupuncture will only take place with informed consent. 
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