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Pain, especially chronic pain impacts on all areas of our lives. 
It affects our ability to work and interact with our family and friends. It affects our sleep and this in turn can make pain worse. It can change the person we are and who we want to be. It can affect our mood and make us anxious. 
Acupuncture does not promise to cure the original problem but it can ease painful and troublesome symptoms enabling you to return to an active and fulfilling life. 
I have been a qualified nurse for the past 32 years. The last 14 years have been spent working as a specialist nurse in Pain Management. As a clinical nurse specialist in Pain Management I have been able to work closely with patients to enable them to understand their pain and to find appropriate ways to manage pain effectively. Pain management involves looking at the whole person, taking into account the wider ways in which chronic pain can affect a person’s life, work and relationships. 
What can acupuncture help with? 
The Advertising Standards Authority no longer allows acupuncturists to name the conditions they treat. However if you are struggling with any of the following problems contact me for a FREE no obligation consultation to discuss your individual problems. 
Ongoing pain and discomfort 
Sleep disturbed by pain or ill health 
Health problems which are having an impact on your everyday life 
This is a professional pain relieving service provided by Helen. Her calm, relaxed, caring manner removes any doubts and puts you at ease. I would highly recommend Helens Acupuncture service as I was delighted with the results. 
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How I Work 

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What does acupucture involve? 
Western acupuncture involves inserting very fine needles into specific areas of the body. This action then stimulates the sensory nerves which are under the skin and in the muscles. This action results in the release of the body’s own naturally occurring “pain killers” such as endorphins. 
Traditional, or Chinese, acupuncture is based on the belief that an energy or life force flows through our bodies (Qi) and if we have an injury or illness this energy flow is blocked. By inserting needles into the energy line (meridian) the energy is released and the pain eases and good health is restored. 
I use a combination of Traditional and Western acupuncture points to provide the most effective results. I have found it is important to treat each person holistically, taking into account all aspects of their physical and mental health. 
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